How do You Know if Your Child Has Asthma?


Bronchial asthma in children is a common disease. About 10% of children suffer from this respiratory disease. Symptoms of the disease are similar to colds, so parents sometimes can not recognize the disease. But if you do not start treatment in time, the child may experience complications.How Do You Know If Your Child Has Asthma_


Asthma is a chronic inflammation of the respiratory system that leads to spasm or increased activity of the bronchi. In 90% of cases, this disease occurs due to exposure to allergens – dust, animal fur, pollen. Less commonly, asthma is caused by an infection — fungi, viruses, and bacteria.

The first sign of bronchial asthma is a cough, so parents may think that the child suffers from a cold. But it is not difficult to recognize the disease, for this, you should know its symptoms:

  • difficulty with breathing;
  • dry cough, turning into wet with little sputum discharge;
  • whistles and wheezing during breathing and coughing;
  • seizures appear before or after sleep;
  • shortness of breath, difficulty speaking;
  • pale skin, blue lips in the case of a severe form of asthma.

The main difference between asthma and the common cold is that the child maintains normal body temperature. Very rarely tearing takes place. It becomes easier for the baby in an upright position. If asthma is allergenic, attacks can begin under the same conditions, for example, in a dusty room, near animals, when there are flowers at home.

How asthma begins in children

Unfortunately, bronchial asthma is not treated but only goes into the stage of remission. But during an exacerbation, the disease causes children great discomfort, they get scared and panic. In addition, a strong spasm can block air passage into the lungs. Therefore, it is important for parents to determine the onset of an attack in order to immediately stop the symptoms of its manifestation and ease the baby’s condition.

How to understand that an asthma attack is starting

In a few days, a child becomes restless. He has a slight dry cough. The skin becomes pale and sticky. It is difficult for a child to take a breath, he raises his shoulders, sucks in to inhale more deeply. In infants, the nostrils expand when inhaling. There is a pain in the sternum.

Such symptoms act as forerunners of asthma. When the attack begins, the symptoms described above appear.

Medications and breathing exercises can alleviate the condition of a child with asthma. Only a doctor can prescribe therapy, so if there are at least 1-2 symptoms, you should immediately contact the clinic.

Bronchial asthma is not a sentence. With proper treatment, bronchial asthma goes into remission, the child can keep a normal healthy lifestyle.

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