How To Stop an Asthma Attack Naturally?


Bronchial asthma is one of the most common chronic allergic respiratory diseases. This disease develops when a person has an inborn bronchial disorder. They narrow, are not always able to expand. Moreover, such a reaction is manifested in response to the exposure to a trigger, on the background of changes in weather, humidity, physical activity, emotional stress. Today, doctors do not consider asthma dangerous. There are many drugs that can arrest an attack. Patients only need to have them within reach. But every sufferer wants asthma attacks to occur as rarely as possible. In general, it can be achieved.

During an asthma attack, it becomes difficult to breathe. If you do not help a patient quickly, an attack may result in loss of consciousness or death. If there is an asthmatic in the family, it is important to study all the techniques that allow you to arrest the attack naturally.How To Stop an Asthma Attack Naturally_

How to stop an asthma attack naturally at home?

Asthma attacks usually start unexpectedly. First, shortness of breath occurs, which quickly turns into a frequent dry cough and wheezing. You need to use an inhaler to get rid of choking. You should hold on during an attack.

A person should relax as much as possible and control each inhale-exhale. You need to take a comfortable pose, sit or lie on your stomach. All tight clothing (a belt, scarf, tie or turtleneck) must be removed to contribute to better breathing.

The room in which the patient is located should be filled with air: open windows and doors for making a draft. Everything that causes an allergy needs to be removed: pets, smoke or a pungent odor. It is also recommended that you drink cool clean water in small sips.

If possible, the patient is given a cupping massage. Not only classic glass cups are suitable for this, but also lightweight silicone.

How to relieve an asthma attack without an inhaler?

If there is no inhaler, you can replace it with any anti-allergy medication. Traditional remedies are used in the absence of suitable medications. a Special solution is prepared to stop a mild attack. You will need:

  • 2-3 drops of iodine;
  • 200 ml of hot boiled water;
  • 2 tsp soda.

Everything is thoroughly mixed. While the solution is hot, the patient needs to breathe over it. After cooling down, take 1-2 tbsp. In parallel, you can make mustard plasters.

How to relieve an asthma attack with an onion compress?

One large onion is chopped and placed on a bag, which is applied to the back area between the shoulders. A person needs to be wrapped in blankets and allowed to sit quietly. A mixture of garlic gruel and vegetable oil also helps. This product is placed on the chest and covered with a warm cloth.

Even if traditional remedies are effective, you still need to seek medical help. It is impossible to neglect the disease, and an inhaler should always be within reach. A severe attack cannot be arrested without medications.


In order for attacks not to occur often, every sufferer needs clean and fresh air. Doctors recommend patients to pay attention to a set of preventive measures. It includes measures aimed at eliminating the causes of the condition deterioration. A healthy lifestyle, quitting smoking, cleaning working and living rooms, regular exposure to fresh air are measures contributing to a significant reduction in the frequency of attacks. It is scientifically proven.

It is also recommended to avoid contact with allergens. If it is known that the pet fur is a trigger, then you must either exclude contact with it or, if this is not possible, use drugs to relieve attacks. This, incidentally, is not only about cats or dogs. An allergen can be dry food for aquarium fish. In this case, it is necessary to replace dry food with other types of food.

Often the cause of asthma is the feathers used to stuff the pillows and the wool in the mattresses. Asthmatics should give preference to bedding made of synthetic materials. It is also necessary to change the set of cosmetics and perfumes used by households causing suffocation.

In spring, plant pollen is one of the most common allergy triggers. If it is not possible to leave your residence at the time of the flowering of certain types of herbs or trees, you need to take antiallergic drugs in advance. They will help you survive a difficult period.

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